Using Free On-line Wikis to Communicate and Collaborate

Wikis are one of the latest tools available online. The most famous is the "Wikipedia" but thousands of wikis are quietly doing the work of their creators, many of whom are classroom teachers.*

Wiki is a Hawaiian word meaning "quick"and in thirty minutes you can have a wiki up and running! What will you do with it? This year in my English Roots (Vocabulary) and Latin classes I have used wikis to post syllabi and up-dates on assignments, offer homework hints and study guides, load power points used in class, and direct students and parents to useful web sites. My students have used my wikis to sign up for paper topics, post writing assignments, make lists of English derivatives for their classmates to use as reference, and most importantly--ask for questions and clarifications.

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After a full year of using wikis I can say they are here to stay. I have used three different types of wikis. Some of my wikis are public, and some are private. I can change the privacy status according to my needs with a single click.

Unlike web sites which require some techical expertise and a "webmaster" the owner of the wiki is the creator and the organizer. You can also make multiple people organizers if you want. I am the only organizer for most of my sites but I do organize my CK lesson plan files with my co-editor on a private wiki. You can also create personal (not K-12 education) wikis just for your family. As long as you don't care if they have ads they are all free. You can also pay for a premium wiki without ads.

*For an example of the Latin vicipaedia see homo suspensus

Wiki Tips