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You may link to the Help for Teachers page created just for you by the wikispaces team.

Access to Pages

As a wiki organizer you can lock or unlock pages for editing. This is very useful when you use wikis with students. I always lock the home page so only I can change content. My home page is long on because some students don't click on links. If the info is not on the home page it does not exist for them!

The roots wiki is a good one to look at if you want to see a completely open wiki. You do not need to be a member to see anything I have on there. You may also see my math wiki at for a completely different approach.

Student Work

My Latin wikis have extensive student work on them and do require membership. An example of a locked wiki can be seen at

Putting Media on Wikis

I like to place my power points on my classroom wikis.
I use graphics to direct the eye, rarely more than two on a page. (I am going to Rome in 2008. I will replace this free graphic from Philip Martin with my own photo of the Colisseum!)

You may also load a movie. See for a movie about wikis or learn how to create your own movie at

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